We work on data lifecycle – from cradle to grave: Sunil Chandna, Founder & CEO, Stellar Data Recovery

Data has grabbed the spotlight in context of consumers and businesses alike. The growing dependency of businesses and consumers on data truly materializes a proverbial saying (in the digital era) today that Data is the New Oil!

Just like any other priceless resource, there's no dearth of existential threats to data; many a case of data theft, malware attacks, natural calamity, and storage drive corruption have been well-documented and studied.

Almost all such data loss cases in recent memory - WannaCry, Petya, Kerala floods, and such - have been catastrophic; data loss has had crippling impact on businesses and devastated the affected individuals.

Stellar Data Recovery has played a seminal role in successfully rescuing businesses and consumers in a myriad of such data loss situations.

Sunil Chandna, founder & CEO, Stellar Data Recovery says, “In the evolving world of data, we care and protect what matters the most to you.” In a recent interview with Sudhir Chowdhary, he discusses the company’s new-age data care product offerings, business momentum, and growth strategy.
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