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When to Use SQL Repair Tool?

Unable to Fix DBCC CHECKDB Consistency Errors?


If DBCC CHECKDB reports consistency errors in the SQL Server database, you need to fix the errors as soon as possible to reduce database downtime. The first step is to restore from an updated backup copy. If you cannot restore from the backup, running DBCC CHECKDB with 'REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS' can recover the database but may result in data loss. The SQL database repair tool from Stellar® can help you fix consistency errors and restore the database to its original state, maintaining data integrity.

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Is MDF File Header Corrupted?


You may encounter error 5172 if there is corruption in the SQL database MDF file header. The MDF file header can become corrupt due to faulty drivers and controllers, abrupt SQL Server reboot, etc. SQL database file header corruption can make the database file inaccessible. The problem can be easily resolved by repairing the MDF file with Stellar Repair for MS SQL software. This SQL database repair tool helps fix corrupt MDF file and restores its complete data.

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Need to Fix Corrupted Index of SQL Server Database?


Corruption in clustered or non-clustered indexes can lead to incorrect query results and missing entries. Using specialized SQL repair software can help fix index corruption. It also helps restore all the SQL Server database components, including clustered and non-clustered indexes, to a New Database, Live (existing) Database or Other Formats like CSV, HTML, and XLS.

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Software Important Capabilities

Repairs Corrupt MDF and NDF Files

Repairs Corrupt MDF and NDF Files

Corruption in SQL database (MDF and NDF) files can render the database inaccessible. The SQL database repair tool repairs corrupted MDF and NDF files and restore the database to its functional state. It also helps extract all the database components, including tables, triggers, indexes, stored procedures, etc., with precision and integrity.
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Retrieves Deleted Records from SQL Database

Retrieves Deleted Records from SQL Database

The SQL Database Repair software allows users to retrieve deleted table records without modifying the table schema. It provides 'Include Deleted Records' option to recover the deleted records. Users can save these recovered records as a new table just below the original file. This helps differentiate between the original and the repaired table with deleted records and helps to check the recovered table's referential integrity.
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Previews Repairable MS SQL Database Objects

Previews Repairable MS SQL Database Objects

The SQL repair tool scans the corrupt database and provides a preview of all repairable items. The repairable items are listed in a tree-like structure in the left pane. Select any item to view its contents in the right pane. The preview feature helps verify if the repairable items match the original data present in the SQL database before corruption.

Multiple File Saving Options

Multiple File Saving Options

The software allows saving the repaired file to a new database, live database, or other formats, such as HTML, XLS, and CSV. Further, the software provides Fast Saving and Standard Saving modes to save the repaired file. The Fast Saving mode is advised for large databases, as it saves the repaired data first and then the indexes. The Standard Saving mode saves the repaired data and indexes simultaneously.

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Daniel Calbimonte
Damian Widera
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Know your Product Better

Parallel Processing for Faster Restore

Parallel Processing for Faster Restore

The SQL database repair tool uses Parallel Processing to speed up the database repair. It efficiently utilizes all available cores of the multicore processor on your system to repair the SQL database at up to 8x faster speeds, thereby significantly reducing the recovery time and downtime.

Standard and Advanced Scan

Standard and Advanced Scan

The SQL database repair tool has two scan modes - Standard and Advanced Scan. Standard Scan is the recommended option for scanning and repairing corrupt SQL database (MDF and NDF) files. The Advanced Scan option is advisable for extensive scanning and repairing of severely corrupt database files.

Repairs SQL Database on Linux Systems

Repairs SQL Database on Linux Systems

The software helps repair SQL database on both Windows as well as Linux machines. It is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit), 18.04 (64-bit), 19.10 (64-bit), CentOS 7 (64-bit), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64-bit). Download the Free trial for Linux Systems.

Selective SQL Object Restoration

Selective SQL Object Restoration

Stellar SQL database repair software shows a preview of the SQL server database repairable objects and allows you to select specific objects you want to restore. You can also search for specific items by entering their name in the Search box in the preview window.

SQL and Windows Authentication

SQL and Windows Authentication

The tool repairs SQL database (.mdf and .ndf) files and saves the files by connecting to SQL Server with Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication method. Windows authentication is a helpful method for users who are already logged onto Windows and do not wish to log on separately to SQL Server to save the repaired database file.

Option to Save Log Report

Option to Save Log Report

The software allows saving log reports for analyzing the SQL database repair process at a later stage. You can view the log of the repair process displayed at the bottom. If you're unable to view it, try enabling it by clicking the Log Window checkbox in the File menu's View section.

Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL

Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL

Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL is a 5-in-1 suite of specialized tools to repair corrupt SQL database files, extract data from a corrupt backup, reset database file password, analyze SQL logs, and convert databases. The toolkit can work with the latest SQL Server 2022, 2019 and earlier versions. Read More

Restore MSSQL Database from .Bak File

Restore MSSQL Database from .Bak File

The efficient software repairs corrupt .bak file and restores SQL server Database, it extracts and restores all database objects from the backup with data integrity. Compatible with all types and versions of SQL server backups. Read More


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Making Your Choice Easy


Repairs corrupt MDF and NDF files, and recovers all the database components.



SAVE $50
  • Repairs MDF and NDF files
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux systems
  • Recovers tables, deleted records, compressed data, and other objects
  • Saves repaired file in New Database, Live Database, CSV, HTML, and XLS file formats
  • Faster database recovery with parallel processing

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Repairs database, resets password, & extracts data from corrupted backup



SAVE $350
  • Includes all features of Corporate Edition
  • Restores the database from corrupt SQL backup (.bak) file
  • Resets SA and user passwords

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Best Seller

All features of Corporate and Technician editions and 2 more tools



SAVE $500
  • Includes all features of Technician edition
  • Analyzes SQL log tables data and transaction logs
  • Converts one database file format to another

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MSSQL Database Repair Service: Shielding Karni Packaging from Mallox Ransomware Attacks

Stellar Repair for MSSQL resolved a Ransomware attack, identifying Mallox Ransomware. This underscores the need for data recovery plans and professional help. KARNI packaging's experience shows expertise and proactive measures can restore business and enhance security.

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Customer Verdict

Recovery from the Mallox Ransomware attack saved our business. We are truly grateful for their expert assistance.

Karni Packaging

Confidential Automobile Company: Safeguarding Data, Restoring Resilience with Stellar Repair for MSSQL

Confidential Automobile Company recovery with MSSQL Database File Repair highlights the need for robust cyber resilience plans, emphasizing proactive security and reliable recovery tools. Their success shows how swift action can mitigate ransomware's impact, preserving business and reputation.

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Customer Verdict

We are immensely grateful for the support and effectiveness of software during our most challenging time. The ransomware attack had us on the brink of a major crisis, with our critical business data held hostage.

Confidential Automobile Company

St. Robert, MO, USA Police Department Repairs Large MS SQL Database

This was a great win for the client as the entire 200 GB corrupt database had been restored to its original state in the least possible time, without wasting efforts or losing database integrity.

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Customer Verdict

This is a very handy and easy to use software that I would recommend to anyone.

St. Robert, MO


You're in Good Hands


Most tested. Most awarded.

q1 q1
SQL Server Central star
SQL Server Central

Software recovered all the precious data

The managed to extract data in almost all corruption cases. The tool is good value for money given its out of the box functionality. star

Affordably recovered the database

For SQL Server DBAs, the Stellar Repair solution for SQL Server enables us to affordably recover a database or a subset of data when time is of the essence.

MSDN star

Database has been repaired

User replied star

Repairs the database in an automatic way

I really like the simple and intuitive interface. The application easily repairs SQL database files in an automatic way.

Capterra star

Best for Corrupt SQL database repair

Due to power outage, server rebooted multiple times that causes one of database corrupt. I ordered Stellar SQL repair to repair my database.


Technical Specifications

product Icon
About Product
Stellar Repair for MS SQL
License: Single System
Edition: Corporate, Technician, & Toolkit
Language Supported: English
Release Date: November, 2023
System Requirement
Processor: Intel compatible (x64-based processor)
Memory: 16 GB minimum (32 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 250 MB for installation files
Operating System:
(64 Bit only)
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003


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  • No File Size Limitations
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  • 100% Safe & Secure to Use

*Download the free trial version to scan & preview recoverable SQL server database objects.



To repair and rebuild corrupt SQL database, download and install SQL database repair software on your machine and follow these steps:

  • Select corrupt MDF file using the Browse or Find option.
  • Click Repair.
  • Choose Standard Scan or Advanced Scan to start the database repair process.
  • Check preview of the repairable components of the database.
  • Click on the Save button on the File menu.
  • Select New Database, Live database, or Other Formats option to save the repaired database.
  • Enter details to connect to the server, select default or new location to save the repaired database, and hit Next.
  • Select an appropriate file saving mode and click Next.
  • The software starts processing and saving the selected tables. It displays the save status as Completed, Processing, Pending, or Aborted.
  • A Save Complete message box is displayed on completion of the saving process.

The database is now rebuild and saved at the selected location.

Use the Fast Saving mode to quickly save the repaired database and its components. Choosing this mode saves the repaired data first and then saves the indexes.

To save the repaired data and indexes at the same time, use the Standard Saving mode. However, this mode can take a little time to save the repaired data.

Yes, the software can repair SQL database files, without any file size limitation.

Yes, the 'Demo' version of the SQL repair software provides a preview of all repairable objects. For saving the repaired data, you need to register the product.

Yes, you can perform granular recovery of individual SQL items using Stellar SQL repair tool.

MS SQL Database Repair Service

Get Expert Help for Repairing Your MS SQL Database Files

MS SQL Database Repaired SERVICES
We can help!

Sometimes the tool may not perform the intended task due to severe damage to the database. Our professional experts can help to get your MS SQL Database Repaired and save your resources and time.

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